Matt Rissi and The Goat, two of Iowa’s cornerstone techno promoters, producers, deejays & iconic inspiriters responsible for setting up ridiculous sound installations in hopes of exposing this music that we all love so much to those that NEED to hear it. For well over a decade Matt & Coleman have been hosting the world’s greatest performers with the sole intent of fueling a passion for music that they embrace with 100% conviction & dedication.

Over the course of their promoting careers they’ve developed their own renditions of a DJ performance that has become unparalleled by the vast majority. They’ve earned respect from globetrotting talents & have been invited all over the country to rock stages alongside some of the most hard hitting techno players on the planet. 2010 has seen ‘Solar Perceptions’ perform together & as individual artists at over 60 events while showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With road performances booked up months in advance, their ‘Frequency Friday’ monthly showcase & Matt’s Iowa City residencies there isn’t a weekend that goes by without a nightclub or venue getting shook by one of Iowa’s favorite DJ’s.

Between the two of these guys a record collection of over 20,000 pieces of vinyl paints a detailed story about where they’ve been musically since the beginning of their pulsating addictions. Now armed with the capabilities of the most cutting edge DJ equipment & software to date they are able to take screaming crowds on a journey that is not limited to boundaries or restrictions. With every duo performance possessing an expanding capacity of explosive color you can bet that you’re going to experience a unique set every time you catch a ‘Solar Perceptions’ throw down.