Saturday, October 1, 2011

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.dotbleep | Chicago
Justin was the founding resident DJ on Q101 FMs Sonic Boom Radio and made regular guest appearances on Northwestern University’s WNUR FM. However, it was his performances at the Metro along the likes of Daft Punk, Carl Cox, Little Louie Vega and Dave Clark that caught the ear of Chicago music mogul, Joe Shanahan. This shortly led to his current exclusive residency at the legendary Smartbar, also birthplace of the .dotbleep laboratory!

Since then Justin Long has been abusing sound systems as a DJ around the world for nearly two decades. Justin’s unique vibe behind the decks is something you have to witness for yourself. Justin is always pushing the boundaries of his music, while constantly refining himself as an artist. Get ready Iowa!


Intellephunk | Drop Bass | Minneapolis
If you’ve ever seen Centrific play, then you already know why he’s an artist to be familiar with. With an ear for good music that’s unrivaled by most, Steve Centrific’s DJ sets continue to break down barriers brought on by genre classifications and close-minded people. Besides DJing, Steve has created a reputation for throwing some of the best and most forward thinking events Minneapolis has ever seen. Promoting under Intellephunk, Steve is constantly bringing in electronic artists for the first time that continue to change the face of techno as the world knows it. Most recently Steve and Dustin Zahn have showcased the international talent of Mathew Jonson, Green Velvet and Chris Liebing. Together Steve and Dustin also run Solera, a summer highlight and weekly rooftop party that is unique to Minneapolis.


Udopia Recordings | Iowa City
A lot of people take for granted the fact that they can hear good electronic music on a regular basis, not only in Iowa but also around the world. There was a time when this music wasn’t “cool” and electronic music only had few advocates. Chad aka The Noid is one of those advocates. Chad has been instrumental to the Iowa electronic music community as we know it and has been humble enough to participate without all of the glory that others seek. Chad spends most of his time in the studio producing music on Udopia Recordings which has had a number of successful releases on Beatport. We’re honored to have Chad step away from his studio (and family) to show us LIVE, exactly what he’s been working on.


Solar Cathedral Recordings | Des Moines
Since 1999 Mustafa has built a strong fan base for electronic music in the Midwest. While still considered a rookie he quickly stepped up to the challenge and started producing his own style of Techno. The motivation that he received during his time overseas in the past years, pushed him to create and release his first EP produced with partner Matt Rissi on Chicago’s imprint Zuvuya Recordings, which came out early summer of 2007. This release gained immediate approval and support from the world famous Dave Clarke and was licensed by Belgium’s MusicMan Records to be used on the Internationally spotlighted ‘I LOVE TECHNO’ cd mixed by none other than Dave Clarke himself.


Mystic Morning | Cedar Rapids
Airyck’s cutting-edge original productions and remixes are finding their way into the crates of more and more artists every day. His hybrid sound of styles can be heard on a regular basis at many events around the Midwest. A veteran DJ but production is ultimately the next step in Airyck’s future and this is where almost all of his time is spent. The future is bright for Airyck as he continues to work his magic in the studio and mesmerize the dance floor every time he makes a special appearance.


Iowa’s Dubstep King | Des Moines


Cedar Rapids








NuVibe Recordings | Iowa City
One of Iowa’s original house DJ’s, this guy’s been rockin’ crowds all over the Midwest since before most people on the scene today even knew what house music was. His mixing skills are impeccable, but more importantly, his passion for the music is unparalleled. Many DJ’s consider mixing records a hobby. Many do it for the recognition. Not Uplift. It’s in his soul, and it shows every time he steps behind the one’s and two’s. Whether it’s deep, funky or straight minimal, Uplift’s got your fix for that house music craving.


NuVibe Recordings | Iowa City
Jethro became enamored with underground dance music through mix-tapes by local and regional DJ’s and got on an intimate basis with vinyl while learning to DJ in 1996. Jethro began producing music on computers in 1997. His course moved away from house/techno when he formed Bad Fathers along with Juan Hooks, Austin Galante, and Justin Cox in 2002. During his time with the alternative-hiphop/indy-rock band Jethro produced and engineered 3 full length independent releases – including a song featuring Grammy award winning Cee-Lo Green of Gnarles Barkley fame, and a song that was featured in the MGM movie “College”. In 2009 Jeff heard the call to return his focus to electronic dance music and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.


Hard Electro | Iowa City


KRUI 89.7 | Iowa City


Iowa City

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An Era Ends | An Era Begins
With techno as its foundation, STING RAVE took place in 1996 and Digital Perceptions was born. Over the years Digital Perceptions has continued to transform but has remained constant with purpose. We are here to promote a music alternative to our community, a group experience unlike any other and self discovery through dance. We appreciate every person that has attended, danced, partied, performed, promoted and helped produce our events. It’s been an emotionally potent journey through the years and your involvement has been crucial, we cannot thank you enough! Please join us once again as we celebrate the re-launch of and 15 years of Digital Perceptions!
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Your tri-dimensional dwelling host for the evening…


The Goat | Digital Perceptions
His mother’s efforts to throw some of the first local raves in the early nineties initially turned Coleman off to electronic/dance music but would ultimately set the stage for his musical ambitions. Like most teenagers, he wanted nothing to do with the activities his parents might be involved in. As he came of age, however, he and his friends began to experiment more with dance and they soon discovered rave on their own.

After beginning to dj in 1996, Coleman became known as ‘The Goat’ for founding Digital Perceptions and hosting his own Techno Pagan Rituals. At these events he began to understand the important relationship between the listener and the performer and how they interact with one another. Given this platform for expression, he developed his dj skills in a rare live setting and slowly figured out how to expand the boundaries of his music and the crowd’s expectations. Over the years he has continued to aggrandize his performances and never fails to challenge the crowd both mentally and physically.

Brought to you by Digital Perceptions, Udopia Recordings and D-Boy Productions

Digital Perceptions 15 year anniversary continues with I AM A MONSTER TOO! on 10/29/11